Regular services can reduce the cost of repairs by catching minor faults before they develop into larger problems, whilst also extending the life of a vehicle. Moreover, regular services can reduce the chance of these faults becoming dangerous on the road.Car servicing also ensures that your car is maintained to the highest standard, and performs at its optimum level, and that your car will run as smoothly, safely, efficiently and reliably as possible for a very long time.

Full Service

Here at Volsaa Engineering, we change the following parts during a car service:

  • Oil Filter
  • Air Filter
  • Sump Washer
  • Engine Oil
  • Spark Plugs – if applicable
  • Distributor Cap – if applicable
  • Rotor Arm – if applicable

80-Point Check List

Moreover, we have an 80-point check list which includes the following:

  • All external and internal lighting
  • Charging systems, gearbox and clutch operations
  • All other internal electrical equipment
  • Locks, hinges and mirrors
  • Windows, sunroofs, wipers and washers
  • All engine fluids, suspension bushes and shock absorbers
  • Braking and steering systems
  • Tyres, wheels, exhaust and catalytic converter
  • Extensive road test, both before and after service


Services from £221 depending on model, parts & labour.
No obligation and free quotation on any defects diagnosed.
The use of a loan car can also be made available with prior booking.
Contact us for a quote on your vehicle requirement.

Other Services

Air Conditioning Service

To maintain your air-conditioning system at its maximum efficiency it should be serviced on an annual basis and your pollen filter at a period of at least every two years..

This should include the recovery of the existing refrigerant; vacuuming the system out to remove all existing moisture and water vapours; replacing the correct weight level of refrigerant, whilst also adding oil and leak tracing dye. Afterwards the system will be checked for temperature and leakage and a cleaning agent is added into the ventilation system, killing any fungus or spores.


Cambelts should be visually inspected on an annual service where possible. It is an essential part of vehicle maintenance that your cambelt is changed in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Engine Diagnostics

The Volvo VIDA system allows us to offer you the same software download abilities as your local dealer. Cambelts should be visually inspected on an annual service where possible.
We carry the latest Volvo and Saab diagnostic equipment available to us, giving our customers the confidence that we are capable of diagnosing all their vehicle requirements to keep it running smoothly.

Free Charging System Check

We offer a free battery and alternator charging system check without appointment.

Free Brake Check

We will visually inspect your brakes and check your brake fluid moisture content while you wait.

Loan Car

The use of a loan car can also be made available with prior booking.